Q1: How many faces does Amaryllo's camera robot recognize?

Amaryllo subscription plans offer up to 10 faces. Even if you were to opt out once the free plan ends, you can still recognize up to 4 faces free of charge!

Q2: What happens if there is no internet connection?

You will immediately receive a notification telling you the device is offline. Thanks to the SD card support or embedded memory, recordings will be kept there until camera returns online.

Q3: How can I access my videos?

Your videos can be easily accessed through Amaryllo App on your smartphone, tablet and even on PC/Mac!

Q4: How many people can access the camera?

As many as you like! There are two sharing options - First, is to only share the video live streaming only. While you go on the summer holidays, you can easily share with your neighbors so they can help to look after your property while you are away. The second option is to share the administrator access.

Q5: Is it free to watch live video?

Absolutely! Once setup is complete, you can immediately access live streaming.

Q6: How many cameras can I connect to the app?

Unlimited and free of charge!

Q7: What happens after my 30-day free Gold Plan trial expires?

You can easily subscribe directly within the APP. Alternatively, you can also downgrade to the free Basic plan.

Q8: What will happen to my recordings if I don't subscribe?

All Amaryllo camera robots will operate without an additional fee or subscription. With Amaryllo's free basic plan your snapshot alerts will be stored for 3 days, view the live streaming, receive smart alerts such as face detection and even still be able to recognize up to 4 people!